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Ashish Kumar Tyagi

Domain consultant, TTH, TCS

Srinivas Patchala

Senior business consultant, TTH, TCS

  • On-demand warehousing has been witnessing high growth due to an increasing number of buyers looking for short-term space at various times of the year.
  • Both sellers and buyers aspire to lock in quicker deals while trying to avoid the agony of having to go through the long-drawn-out and arduous process of signing long-term agreements.
  • On-demand warehousing not only addresses the short- to medium-term storage and distribution requirements of buyers, shippers, and logistics service providers (LSPs) but also helps space sellers—the warehouse service providers, as they benefit from the incremental revenue by selling idle curated spaces that are otherwise considered as sunk cost.
  • It is essential to map unused spaces to short-term storage requirements in a near-real-time environment, using simple tools, processes, and methods to ease logistics pain points and make supply chains more flexible.
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