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Dr. Kandukuri Raju

Functional Consultant, Travel, Transportation and Hospitality, TCS

Romil Shah

Research Analyst, Corporate Marketing Research, TCS

Mayukh Das

Senior Research Analyst, Corporate Marketing Research, TCS

Passenger rail industry to transform with prescriptive analytics and IoT

There is a pressing need for a seamless end-to-end intelligent rail transport system supported by prescriptive analytics and IoT platforms. Such a service on wheels should enable:

  • Real time personalized and contextual Information for rail passengers
  • Integration of rail journey elements-- driving operational efficiency for passenger rail companies
  • Seamless rail travel, which is at the heart of Mobility as a Service (MaaS)
  • Safe travel for rail passengers
  • Frictionless payment

Amidst and post the COVID-19 pandemic, intelligent, cognitive and contactless technologies would be of prime importance in enabling an enhanced consumer experience and safer rail travel.