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Balaji Jagannathan

Global Head, Strategic Initiatives Group, Travel and Hospitality, TCS

Holly Miles

Editor of International Airport Review

Dr. Fethi Chebil

Airport PPP Expert

Ecosystem's collaboration to restart travel

Airports are proactively looking for ways to restart safe travel by seeking collaboration from ecosystem partners to ensure:

  • A safe, seamless, delightful travel experience for passengers
  • Greater and sustained revenue for ecosystem partners, and
  • Operation efficiencies across the travel value chain

Airports and partners alike are constantly striving to facilitate frictionless travel through innovations in friendly, relevant technology that alleviates traveler and workforce concerns.

The Digital Boardroom chaired by The International Airport Review brought together several aviation industry leaders calling for change in government laws, policies, and governing body focus to re-ignite safe travel in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic.

The thoughts and opinions voiced at the boardroom ranged from the introduction of a host of technology solutions to policy changes, with TCS stakeholders re-iterating the acceleration of digitalization and servitization.

Read the full report to hear the ideas and sentiment of airports.

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