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Evolving hospitality customers

Over the last decade, online shopping has raised the bar for customer experience. It has empowered people by providing easy access to new products, services, and trends.

Now, customers demand consistency in experiences across the board. The need to stay relevant has pushed companies to better understand consumers, anticipate their needs, and offer highly personalized selections of goods and services.

Like any customer, hotel guests, too, expect highly personalized service from the hospitality industry. However, even in this digital age when most details are at their fingertips, they sometimes still arrive wondering whether their rooms will overlook the ocean or the parking lot, and hoping that the rooms have feather-free, down-alternative bedding. Also, while they accumulate loyalty points with each stay, finding value in those points is more challenging for some guests than for others.

Hotels get creative to improve guest loyalty

The hotel industry knows it needs to catch up to the needs of the evolving customer, and it is ushering in major changes in services and technology. In this Executive Conversation,Varsha Makharia, domain head of the Travel, Transportation, and Hospitality—Americas Business Unit, for Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), joins colleagueVivekanand Ramgopal (Vivek), global head of Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) Products and Platforms at TCS, to discuss the creative strategies, including a new approach to partnerships, hotels are using to grow customer loyalty and earn additional revenue.Scott Strickland, executive vice-president and CIO of Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, details how hotels are using technology to solve today’s most pressing challenges.

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