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Subramaniam Balakrishnan

Industry Advisor, Travel, Transportation and Hospitality Business Unit, TCS

Biju Manghat

Consulting Partner, Travel, Transportation and Hospitality Business Unit, TCS

Ensure a world-class customer experience with airport innovations

As corporatization and competition between airports continue unabated, the key to achieving airport excellence is a world-class customer experience. Thus far the airport information system landscape has been about incremental innovations. There is an imperative need for reimagination of the overall operations.

Airports need a platform-led approach to ecosystem integration across its key functions such as customer experience, airport operations, commercial and engineering. The need is to have seamless, stress free guest experience, retail personalization, operational efficiency and nimble selling through dynamic partner integration.

A platform that combines dynamic customer experience composition and is founded on the bedrock of enterprise digital twin led cognitive operations will aid airports in their pursuit of achieving excellence.

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