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Jeffrey Abbott

Head of Marketing, DS&S, TCS

Phil Manasian

Global Industry Lead & Managing Partner, DS&S, TCS

To stay competitive and drive growth, loyalty and differentiation, brick and mortar retailers – and even newcomer digital wannabees – need to hyper-personalize customer engagement and deliver superior, connected customer experiences.

Download this complimentary white paper for key findings and recommendations including:

  • How to deliver hyper-personalized, connected customer experiences in retail
  • Consumers seek highly personalized, multidimensional shopping journey and connected experiences in retail
  • Many organizations have siloed solutions to personalize particular activities, the opportunity and imperative is to treat the entire customer journey in retail as a holistic, integrated, and ongoing experience
  • Opportunity to increase trust and relevance to your customer via hyper-personalization and implementing a business-grade solution for customer analytics and insights in retail that helps comply with data privacy best practices and requirements
  • To meet rising customer expectations, businesses are looking to “hyper-personalize” experiences. Marketers may think they are personalizing or even hyper-personalizing customer engagement in retail, but chances are they’re just skimming the surface
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