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Adam Warne

CIO, N Brown Group

Shekar Krishnan

Retail Head, UK, TCS

In this Executive Viewpoint interview by IDG publication, TCS' UK head of retail Shekar Krishnan and N Brown’s CIO Adam Warne discuss the requirements, objectives and challenges encountered in the digital transformation journey of the online retailer. Together, they reflect on:

  • The entrepreneurial spirit of N Brown, and how it helped the organisation shift from being a catalogue to a digital-first retailer.
  • How TCS implemented digital technology to enhance the experience of N Brown customers and create a more seamless retail experience.
  • How TCS applied contextual knowledge of N Brown’s business landscape to help leverage purpose-led solutions.
  • The ways in which TCS went above and beyond being just a service provider and became a growth and transformation partner that believed in N Brown’s vision for the future of the company.
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