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Dipti Prasad Mukherjee

Professor of the Electronics and Communication Sciences Unit, Indian Statistical Institute

Pranoy Hari

Functional Consultant, Retail, TCS

Intelligent algos to help retailers ensure compliance and customer-centricity

Conventional image processing techniques are ineffective due to unique retail challenges specific to image processing of store shelves such as lighting and packaging variations, geometric distortions to images, and numerous product sizes and shapes. These factors not only affect the image quality but also cause distortions, affecting planogram compliance.

Using intelligent algorithms for image capture will help retailers overcome these challenges. In addition, they will also enable retailers to:

  • Generate more accurate planogram compliance reports
  • Get real-time updates on which of the items are moving quickly, enabling timely inventory replenishment
  • Measure the impact of planogram non-compliance on sales
  • Gain crucial inputs to the planogram planning system for subsequent planogram reset and/or revision cycles
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