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Dheeraj Shah

Global Head - Business Transformation and Supply Chain Management, Retail, TCS

Strategies to navigate an unprecedented peak season

With an early kickstart this year too, the 2021 holiday season will have its staple challenges such as demand spikes, labor shortage, and supply chain pressures, besides COVID-induced blind spots. However, it will be different in that it will most likely be ‘online-driven, stores-enabled, and ecosystem-fulfilled’, and acing it demands more than ‘copy-pasting’ checklists from previous years.

Winning the 2021 holiday season is about differentiated offerings and personalized deals, enabling superior associate experiences, and engaging with partner ecosystems to deliver on customer promise. Above all, it is about demand sensing, workforce optimization with scenario planning and simulations, and synchronized planning and execution across the value chain.

This white paper offers a holistic execution strategy for navigating an unprecedented holiday season.

The content was originally published inRIS News.

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Dheeraj Shah
Dheeraj has more than 23 years of experience working with global retailers in supply chain strategic initiatives and pioneering the use of technologies like AI/ML, IOT, block chain, and robotics and automation.
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