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Dheeraj Shah

Global Head, Business Transformation and Supply Chain Management, Retail Business Group, TCS

The pandemic has accelerated retailers’ long-term digital transformation road maps, making them scramble to embrace the new ‘must-haves’.

Retailers are bolstering their strategies to manage uncertainty and differentiate themselves from competitors. The winners in this evolving landscape will be those businesses who can participate in digital ecosystems, reimagine last-mile capabilities, preempt and respond to supply chain disruptions, and build experiential retail stores to provide shoppers with a memorable experience.

In this article, the author likens the pandemic-induced disruptions to guests arriving before time at a house party and cites eight new ‘must-haves’ for retailers to see a positive impact on sales, margins, costs, and cashflow.

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About the author

Dheeraj Shah
Dheeraj has over 23 years of experience and has worked with global retailers on strategic initiatives for supply chains. He pioneered the use of technologies like AI-ML, IoT, block chain, and robotics and automation and has been instrumental in conceptualizing and developing key supply chain solutions, including TCS Cognitive Supply Chain. He has applied for three patents across warehouse operations, reinforcement learning-powered forecasting and replenishment, and e-commerce fulfillment.
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