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Sathappan Ramaswamy

Director of Merchandising, Retail, TCS

Chris Arnold

Retail Partner, TCS

John VanRenterghem

Retail Partner, TCS

Establish B2B Pricing Leadership with an AI-Enabled Pricing Platform

In an era of hyper-change, inefficient pricing tools and processes limit retailers’ ability to respond to or pre-empt competition and gain competitive advantage. With increasing competitive pressure from online, advances in digital technologies, and changes to the marketplace such as those associated with COVID-19, B2B companies are looking for advanced pricing solutions that can help them set and manage base and contract pricing to increase revenue and profit.

AI-enabled price optimization solutions can enable B2B companies to dynamically set and maintain customer segmented and localized pricing strategies, respond quickly and efficiently with deal quotes, and price newly sourced items. This ensures that competitive pricing and incentive bonuses are geared to the items customers value most and where the value of added services or product availability is captured.

This white paper prescribes a strategic framework for implementing AI-enabled price optimization for B2B companies.

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