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Per Gustafsson

Supply Chain Consulting Partner, Retail Strategic Initiatives, TCS, ANZ

Driving transparency, agility, and sustainability in digital supply chains

Even as businesses get onto their feet after the pandemic, global supply chains continue to be disrupted by shortage of cargo containers, congestion, and delays at ports. Resilient and agile supply chains are now much more critical than ever for businesses. Equally, supply chains, by virtue of being a vital component of the global economy, have a crucial role to play to minimize the carbon footprint. To be ahead of the competition, retailers, therefore, have to be agile and respond to change quickly. Digital mastery of supply chains is the only way to minimize disruptions, support business value realization, and enable optimization and growth.

Supply chain strategies that help gain end-to-end transparency, increase predictability, achieve net-zero emissions, and accelerate value creation are the need of the hour.

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