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M&S is one of UK’s leading retailers, committed to delivering sustainable value to all stakeholders. The company strives to make every moment special by offering high quality, own brand food, clothing and home products in stores and online, both in the UK and internationally.


Marcus East - Global Digital Director, Marks & Spencer

Simon Wood – Head of Digital Operations, Marks & Spencer

Hannya Boulos – Transition Lead, Marks & Spencer

Experience Results

M&S executives describe how TCS is changing the way they do things through the introduction of automation, whether it be through new technologies, or even the use of robotic automation, to effectively improve their end-to-end processes.

Experience Partnership

Marcus East says, “TCS has been a strong leader and partner in their work with us. We've seen some thought leadership from TCS, which is definitely welcomed and above and beyond what we've seen from some of our other suppliers and partners.”

“The TCS leadership have also been very focused on investing in the relationship with us and that means that they have looked very carefully with us at our needs; they've invested not only in people, but also in facilities. We've built a very impressive agile centre in Chennai, where we have several hundred people who are developing for us, not only new software, but also new processes, and that investment is something that the TCS leadership have really committed to.”

Experience Leadership

Marcus, Simon, and Hannya appreciate that TCS has spent a lot of time tackling issues for big retailers, and have been able to develop intellectual property thinking and knowhow that M&S has leveraged. A good example of this, they add, is some of the work that TCS is currently doing around how M&S can take best practices in digital and customer experience and apply them for their customers. They also appreciate how TCS looks at things such as applied machine learning and sees how M&S can improve their processes in a predictive way, rather than a reactive way.

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