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Spearheading the digital India journey

Technological advancements have revolutionized public services.

With faster and more accurate information processing, improved service delivery, and reduced costs and time, public services have become more effective, leading to enhanced citizen experiences.

At TCS, we are powering the vision of a digital India with our deep contextual knowledge, extensive experience, and efficient solution accelerators. From driving the world’s largest healthcare initiative to completely transforming India’s passport services, our end-to-end solutions guarantee unparalleled efficiency.

Transformation programs

Smart government

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Our offerings

TCS is working extensively with central and state governments through its suite of platform offerings under TCS DigiGOV™. TCS DigiGOV is a 360-degree, scalable enterprise platform designed to spur a public service organization’s digital transformation. It streamlines the delivery of citizen services and improves overall governance.

Transformation starts here

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