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Poor revenue collection and concern for consumer safety plagued Delhi’s Excise Department.

The Delhi government’s Department of Excise, Entertainment, and Luxury Tax, which regulates and controls the manufacture and trade of liquor and narcotics, faced a challenging mandate: to make the alcohol supply chain watertight. However, due to limited resources, legacy systems, and manual processes, they were not able to control the quality of products in the marketplace or collect comprehensive taxes under the multiple taxation heads of excise duty, entertainment tax, and luxury tax.

TCS innovates and implements a multi-device and multi-location supply chain solution.

We designed the Excise Supply Chain Information Management System (ESCIMS) that uses high-precision 2D barcodes to uniquely tag and track all stock units across the supply chain in real-time. Now, government and private sector stakeholders can use their laptops or mobile phones to communicate with each other, receive regulatory updates, and monitor inventory across more than 1650 points, until the point of retail sale.

To enable adoption we migrated legacy data onto the new system, created a standardized look and feel with streamlined, user-friendly interfaces, and trained all ESCIMS users: distilleries, bonded warehouses, hotels, clubs, restaurants, vend sites, canteen store departments, and four state-owned corporations.

“…happy to see a reduction in footfall at the Delhi Excise office.”

Indu Shekar Mishra, Deputy Commissioner, Department of Excise

Additionally, we set up the Department's data and disaster recovery center for which we will provide 7 years of maintenance. We’ve procured, installed, and commissioned the systems and networking infrastructure for all locations of the Department and vend sites.

What Made it happen


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