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Muthukumar Jayabalan

Program Manager and Agile Coach, S/4 HANA Strategic Initiatives Group, Manufacturing and Utilities, TCS

Gaurav Kumar

Industry Advisor, Manufacturing, TCS

Divaker Saxena

Executive Leader, Manufacturing, TCS

Product-led transformation can drive next-gen digital CX for manufacturers

Enterprises are increasingly adopting product-led transformations. Such an approach makes it easy for firms to measure their transformation initiatives led by software products such as commercial off the shelf (COTS) enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Over time, ERP solutions have become complex, and with the digital imperative, these solutions do not meet the needs of CXOs in terms of delivering business outcomes. This paper examines why an agile approach to product-led transformation can help firms build next-gen digital customer experiences. The benefits of applying agile to COTS ERP transformation programs are many, including:

  • Improving transparency across all stakeholders through a single source of truth

  • Ensuring timely deliveries and faster time to market

  • Improving quality and accuracy of products

  • Enhancing collaboration between IT and business

  • Reducing costs and mitigating risks

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