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Deepak Mavatoor

Head – Supply Chain and Plant Operations, Growth and Transformation, Manufacturing, TCS

David Strauss

Global Director, Strategic Partner Development, E2open

Mitigating network disruptions with a digital core and ecosystem collaboration

Increased focus on short-term goals, persistent cost pressures, and legacy supply chain principles hamper automotive and industrial manufacturing supply chain resiliency. With the uptick in natural and man-made disruptions, organizations feel the urgency to imbue resilience into the supply chain to mitigate disruptions. This requires leveraging collaboration across networks, shifting of mindset from coercion to collaboration, and adopting a digital foundation to sustain long-term resiliency across supply chains. The upshot: optimized supply chain operations ensuring business continuity and sustainability. A four-step roadmap can help automotive and industrial manufacturers achieve these goals:

  • Identifying the weakest links in the supply chain

  • Identifying factors hindering resilience and employing data and analytics to address long-term issues

  • Collaborating with ecosystem partners, suppliers, etc.

  • Building a digital foundation with connected and collaborative capabilities

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