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Tejan Balakrishnan

Digital Transformation and Innovation Leader, Business Unit focused on Manufacturing, TCS

Ankush Mohla

Head of Digital, Business Unit focused on Manufacturing, TCS

Accelerating the circular economy with purpose-driven digital transformation

The circular economy holds the promise of a sustainable future for manufacturing companies. Successful circular economy initiatives can be accelerated by design-led co-innovation to build a digital solution canvas across the end-to end business value chain. Example solutions from the digital canvas for circular economy initiatives include:

  • Inventory management – Organizations can use gamification techniques to encourage, incentivize, and drive behavioral changes across diverse teams to reduce procurement costs and inventory obsolescence impact

  • Parts re-marketplace – Organizations can build an ecosystem-wide marketplace to monetize and reuse refurbished assets and parts, for reducing acquisition costs for the purchaser.

  • Intelligent connected ecosystems – Organizations can conceptualize and deliver solutions for enabling real-time visibility and track asset performance and health.

About the Author

Tejan Balakrishnan
Tejan Balakrishnan is a Digital Transformation and Innovation Leader at TCS Diversified Industries business unit.
Ankush Mohla
Ankush is the Head of Digital for a large conglomerate at TCS. Ankush’s aim is to help clients with their growth and transformation journeys leveraging the TCS Business 4.0 approach
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