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“ABB was looking for a partner to cover all aspect of the implementation [of IBP solution]. TCS had a long lasting partnership with ABB and strong manufacturing sector expertise.”

Alain Huillet, Program Manager – ABB FACE Integrated Business Planning

ABB initiated the program by a global business blueprint and process design, then a thorough Architecture definition and application selection process. TCS was engaged into the program to implement the solution from summer 2016 onwards.

TCS helped ABB with the implementation of an enterprise solution for end-to-end supply chain visibility and internal collaboration, inventory optimization, demand and supply planning, financial reconciliation.

Experience Results

In this engagement with ABB, TCS has delivered results in the form of:

  • Global Solution Design – using “Design-by Exception” methodology
  • Data Transformation & Technical Integration between SAP/non-SAP source systems from sites
  • Program Management in adherence to ABB’s GATE governance model
  • Functional and Technical Support to ensure “Value Realization”

Experience Leadership

Alain explains how challenging it is to run a global program in a de-centralized organization like ABB. Alain says that TCS management demonstrated great leadership in particular to make the most of ABB experts’ collective intelligence and align business representatives under a global core design, the strong foundation of future implementation in the group.

Experience Partnership

Highlighting the strengths of partnering with TCS, Alain says that TCS showed resilience and provided the extra effort when needed, as well as complementary expertise to re-enforce the weak areas. Alain adds that the good partnership TCS developed with JDA enabled to resolve implementation issues.

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