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A radical approach to managing inventory.


Manufacturers aim to achieve higher operational efficiencies and better utilization of resources. Inventory obsolescence is regarded as a critical challenge. Lack of proper inventory management across plants can increase working capital costs by up to 10 percent. Current solutions to address this issue fail to encourage employees to use the obsolete inventory. Therefore, the solutions are not motivating or practical enough to cause behavioral change.


TCS presents a radical gamification approach to address this challenge of obsolete inventory. This is part of our Digital StoreTM, a suite of ready-to-use digital solutions. These solutions deliver real time data analytics and organizational agility across multiple industry segments. Our approach uses process, technology and analytics in a format designed to have an impact on employee behavior.

The gamification aspect of the solution (Powered by TCS’ platform “KARMA”) uses reward points dashboards for employees that actively participate in using obsolete inventory. and earn Silver, Gold, or Platinum positions. This ensures more employee engagement, creates a competitive yet collaborative team environment, and helps the workforce model behavior differently.


  • Change behavior among employees through gamification methodology
  • Reduce obsolete inventory by up to 5%
  • Increase workforce motivation to manage inventory more carefully
  • Improve cost efficiencies as a result of reduced inventory carrying costs
  • Simplify operations with 100 percent inventory visibility
  • Enhance inventory visibility with information about its lifetime depreciation value

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