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End-to-end CPQ and Customer Experience Management for Manufacturers


Manufacturers face several impediments in delivering a seamless front office experience to their customers. Challenges include lack of cross platform continuity in customer experience, low customer loyalty, siloed data, complex CRM and ERP systems and limited collaboration between sales and marketing teams. Moreover, complicated processes, inconsistent pricing and long quotation processes lead to drop in repeat customers, while unsystematic lead generation practices result in fewer prospects.


TCS’ Front Office Transformation augments CPQ capabilities across strategic planning, automation and revenue realization. Our full-stack service across the quote to cash process help manufacturers and channel partners to envision, pilot and scale a range of tailored, future-ready CPQ services and solutions. With TCS’ digital CPQ services you can:

  • Define the future-state business model and strategy across the sales cycle
  • Create an optimized CPQ implementation roadmap
  • Leverage neural automation to automate repetitive CPQ processes
  • Streamline the sales cycle
  • Deliver optimal recommendations to customers through well thought out guided selling modules
  • Increase average deal size and empower them to  market  solutions
  • Improve service credibility by increasing scalability and providing effective, high level performance
  • Manage subscriptions, billing and renewals effectively

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