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Rapid deployment solutions help aviation sector unify fragmented systems for agility and scale


A surge in air traffic volumes, regulatory complexities, fuel prices and supply pressures from emerging economics require aerospace and defense manufacturers to reimagine their existing practices. Currently, a fragmented maintenance pathway, protracted design-to-implementation timelines, and lack of standardization are impeding progress. These manufacturers need new ways to innovate, scale and drive profitability without compromising on cost or performance.


With its deep domain knowledge and strategic alliance with SAP, TCS offers Accelerated Solution deployed in SAP S/4HANA (ASDS) and an end-to-end solution for MRO (TCS SWIFT MRO) for aerospace and defense manufacturers. This complete ready-to-use package mitigates the impact of variable factors on supply chain management, speeds up manufacturing and delivery, helps plan for spare parts and replacements, and provides clear visibility into the MRO pathway. Leveraging SAP’s cutting-edge ERP suite, . It provides omnichannel support, process automation and built-in and configurable use cases for easy implementation and greater flexibility. It also facilitates regular EHS reporting, monitoring and traceability. It also complements SAP Model Company with additional scenarios and solutions spread across multiple applications such as SAP IBP, SAP APO, WWI, and Analytics (Decision Support System)


Enhance tasks on the MRO value chain with SAP-certified solution to

  • Reduce costs by speeding up SAP-based transformation
  • Streamline development and delivery across geographies
  • Build digital assets and technology documentation for regulatory compliance and audits
  • Get access to dedicated support team with industry experience and SAP experts
  • Harmonize operations across manufacturing plants with a unified solution

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