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Collaborate to improve cost visibility, boost performance.


Globalization, diversified manufacturing and supply footprints, increased customer expectations, and changing product lifecycles have made supply chains highly complex. Organizations are looking to improve visibility into operations in order to monitor, control, and optimize supply chain costs.


We use our SC diagnostic and risk assessment tools, KPI repository and customer centric Business Transformation framework to assess supply chains.

In order to equip organizations with transformational, rather than incremental, benefits, we offer solutions to :

  • Source & Procure using spend analytics wait
  • Make Integrated Business Planning effective
  • Reduce inventory and working capital needs of manufacturers
  • Expand operations globally with our proprietary Plant in a Box solution
  • Increase velocity of logistics and reduce premium freight costs with our Logistics Pinnacle Services solution kit
  • Enhance warehouse efficiencies using lean logistics methoooges
  • Re-align demand driven supply chains to focus on inventory management and integrated business planning


  • Optimize working capital-inventory, reduce stock-outs
  • Improve delivery performance and visibility
  • Improve supply and demand alignment
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Extend benefits to partner organizations

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