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Reimagine the value chain through innovation and transformation.


Manufacturers need to reimagine their value chain and gain a competitive advantage in this era of hyper-competition and inter-connectedness. However, is it possible to transform both supply and distribution sides to bring in greater agility in response to market changes? Also, what are the possibilities of empowering the customer and delivering a differentiated experience?


TCS Manufacturing Advisory Services identify white spaces in your process landscape that are beyond the reach of ‘commercial off the shelf’ products and solutions, and establish ‘ahead of the curve’ business capabilities.

This helps organizations discover the unique constructs required to excel in launching products and services, optimize business operations, or consistently define newer ways of engaging customers along their digital journey.

Our ‘Rubik’s Cube Pair of Manufacturing’ approach powers our unique bouquet of advisory services:

  • Business re-imagination services leveraging digital capabilities

  • Creation of analytics and insights driven organizations

  • Establishing the ‘Connected Manufacturing Enterprise’

leveraging the wave of personalization, servitization, and automation.


  • Business reimagination
  • Business capabilities that drive competitive differentiation
  • Strategic roadmap for business alignment along strategic KPIs
  • Unique bouquet of ‘role based services’ for each CXO
  • Strategic cost reduction in the enterprise
  • Digitalization strategies for the core product
  • Monetize the digital customer experience journey

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