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Maximizing customer lifetime value


With consumers expecting seamless and intuitive experiences in every interaction, and competitors adeptly replicating successful business models to attract and win new customers—manufacturers are pulling out all the stops to deliver compelling and unforgettable brand experiences.

However, they can’t just create experiences aligned to customer expectations, they need to surpass them to promote brand advocacy in a highly commoditized and competitive market.


  • TCS Digital Customer Experience Solutions leverage Big Data and analytics, social media, mobility, cloud computing, machine learning, and the Internet of Things—to help companies maximize value from customer channels, devices, touchpoints, and interactions.

We offer:

  • eCommerce :
  • Social CRM : achieves the 'segment of one'

  • Self-Service : a single customer window for all transactions

  • Advanced Analytics : intelligence on customer behavior and product performance

  • Mobile Apps for Dealers and Customers : a single platform for persona- and-location-based services

  • Digital Dealership : confluence of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Digital interactions to deliver an immersive customer experience

  • Servitization : digital enablement for selling products as a service


  • Gain a unified view of your customer

  • Discover new upselling/ cross-selling avenues

  • Convert leads into sales across channels/devices

  • Enhance Customer Lifetime Value

  • Ensure improved CSAT and NPS ratings

  • Deliver a seamless, omnichannel customer experience

  • Improve customer retention, loyalty, and advocacy

  • Enhance user experience and customer convenience across channels

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