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BD improves manufacturing efficiency and simplifies processes

TCS digitizes BD Pharmaceutical System’s device history records

BD is one of the largest medical technology companies in the world.

It is advancing the world of health by improving medical discovery, diagnostics, and the delivery of care. BD helps customers enhance outcomes, lower costs, increase efficiencies, improve safety, and expand access to healthcare. The BD Medical - Pharmaceutical Systems business produces pre-fillable syringes, safety and shielding systems, self-injection systems, and many other products.

For every product BD manufactures, it keeps a history of every step in how the product was made. This includes numerous factors, such as the employees involved, the operators running each batch, the components sourced and used in the process, and the machine settings. BD has been recording data manually on paper and this new system is an opportunity to avoid potential errors and improve efficiency.

BD Medical - Pharmaceutical Systems wanted to record data automatically and guide operators step-by-step during the entire manufacturing process of the batch. BD selected TCS to partner in this initiative. TCS’ expertise in medical technology and complex digital transformation programs helped transform business requirements into technically usable functionalities and then implement BD Medical - Pharmaceutical System’s new digital recording system known as the electronic device history record or eDHR solution.

The eDHR system automates tasks for the user by pulling information directly from the machines. Record-keeping for each batch is done on the server, eliminating the risk of human error. With support from the eDHR program, TCS delivered a risk-based validation approach, reduced documentation efforts by about 50%, and lowered business validation efforts by approximately 25%.

BD Medical - Pharmaceutical System and TCS have launched the solution starting with specific processes in six plants. Associates have quickly realised the system is designed to help and support them in their daily activities. eDHR is now being implemented further to other production processes in those six plants. Once fully rolled out, the system is expected to:

  • Minimize human error

  • Increase productivity

  • Replace 90% of the existing paper batch records

  • Improve carbon footprint and boost sustainability

TCS continues to support BD Medical - Pharmaceutical Systems in scaling its digital manufacturing recording capabilities and its goal of helping patients live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

Our aim is 100% quality products 100% of the time. We expect eDHR will result in a faster time to market and quicker response times to any product that doesn’t meet our standards. Working closely with TCS, we can really develop and grow the eDHR program, and by 2025, we’re confident this solution will continue to grow and simplify the lives of more and more operators throughout BD."
Maeva Schlumberger

Digital Program Manager, BD Medical – Pharmaceutical Systems

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