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We provide end-to-end solutions, helping brands create more impactful experiences for patients and HCPs

By vigorously stirring art, science, and technology together, we’re able to meet the need for:

  • Understanding the impact of technology, and how to leverage it effectively

  • Creating more personalized, customer-centered connections that build trust and customer engagement

  • Designing effective brand strategies and communications to reach customers with relevant and contextual messaging across channels

  • Effectively delivering their brand story across a myriad of markets, cultures, and languages

Why TCS Interactive life sciences?

We understand that agencies of the future will need to act as a single nimble and multi-faceted team that works synergistically to move their clients forward. We’re uniquely designed to guide our client partners through these challenges by taking our knowledge and expertise in science, technology, strategy, and creativity and stirring them vigorously to provide powerful end-to-end 360 o integrated marketing solutions under one roof.

It’s an important distinction that separates us from typical agency models and technology consultancies.

We blend marketing savvy, understanding of iterative customer data analytics, UX/UI development, brand strategy, creative, and implementation.

We deliver:

Flexible approach to leveraging technology to connect brands with customers’ intrinsic motivations across all touchpoints

Consistent brand strategy and content that can easily transcend cultural and language barriers

Personalization to cultivate stronger relationships with customers

Meaningful connections with HCPs, caregivers, and patients throughout their journey

Creative, empathetic storytelling that builds trust based on a keen understanding of the customers’ needs and brand experience

the path to better brand engagement starts here

Technology is how we do things. People are why we do things. We believe data, when used effectively, provides powerful insights and strategic direction that builds trust and drives customer engagement. Our methodology for managing and leveraging behavioral data enables us to provide a holistic 360o view of customer engagement with your brand. It also allows us to generate distinctive, relevant content that helps create an emotional bond with your audience and make every stage of the customer journey as authentic and personalized as possible.

when it comes to mixing it up, we're all in

New technologies are reshaping the customer experience at every step. Navigating forward requires a strategic, multi-disciplinary team approach. To a person, everyone at TCSiSL cares deeply about what we do and the impact it has on people’s lives. Our core Life Sciences Team is a highly experienced group of pharma and digital advertising professionals with diverse therapeutic category experience.

Our expertise and innovative use of digital technology, data analytics, journey mapping, and an insight-driven approach to design and functionality enables us to solve challenging marketing problems and create experiences that resonate and connect with the right people at the right time in their journey.


Streamline workflows across the end-toend clinical trial lifecycle.

Ensure consistency with regulatory requirements without disrupting regular operations.

Use our integrated clinical service setup to track adverse events and follow up with patients.

We believe the success or failure of any healthcare marketing campaign hinges on knowing the customer. That is why we begin every project by creating a 360° Experience Lens to get a view of our client’s customer-base. Such a comprehensive perspective is achieved by accessing and analyzing in-depth data that guides us through customer insight discovery, brand planning, creative production, and optimization.

We understand the power of branding and how to deliver it. Whether developing a concept or carrying through a campaign from another source, maintaining the same look, feel, and tone and adapting it to work effectively within different cultures and markets creates a cohesive and holistic brand image.

Recognizing what your customers experience in their journeys with your product is a fundamental step in successful audience engagement. across all channels. Our comprehensive approach to customer Journey Mapping enables us to build a visual timeline that illustrates interactive experiences and customer behaviors across all channels —including milestones, pain points, and opportunities.

While a client’s message is important for user engagement, we believe design is essential in creating outstanding user experiences that work to express their brand promise. Our talented team of designers never stops honing their skills in visual, interaction, motion, sonic, and creative design.

From wireframes to deployment, and Quality Assurance (QA), our User Experience (UX) designers and strategists are experienced and qualified in prototyping, message mapping

The experience of our writing staff is deep and wide. Our writers are equally adept at generating any type of content marketing and promotional, scientific, medical, or clinical across all therapeutic areas.

Our writers have vast experience creating award-winning campaigns for countless pharmaceutical and medical device brands. They’re adept at turning complicated scientific language into engaging brand stories and content that is easily understood by patients and medical professionals and that resonate on emotional level while still adhering to regulatory guidelines.

Our on-staff clinical writers hold masters and doctoral degrees in Medicine, Pharmacology, and Life Sciences. They can produce medically accurate content at any clinical level for any therapeutic area.

Our team of expert developers is ready to take on any production challenge from app to website and everything in between. Our clients have gained competitive advantage through the channel-agnostic and robust digital marketing, e-commerce, and experience platforms we’ve created for them.

We realize that a successful brand cannot be designed in vacuum. “Form follows function” after all! Our Design Thinking+ approach helps clients maximize their brand interactions with customers while minimizing potential trouble spots and pain points. We facilitate countless Design Thinking workshops to fully immerse designers and clients alike in real world situations.

Transformation starts here

Integrated ecosystems are key to better patient outcomes.

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