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Anantha Ramakrishnan Srinivasan

Senior Enterprise Data Architect, Healthcare Industry Unit, TCS

Rajaram Narasimhan

Senior Data Architect, Healthcare Industry Unit, TCS

Gowri Muthumalai

Vice President, Value Creation and Digital, Community Health Systems

Interoperability, a key enabler of data fluidity

The goal of any healthcare system is to provide affordable and excellent healthcare and data fluidity will play a major role in opening new avenues and opportunities. The rigor and strengthened focus that the healthcare industry is currently placing on creating an integrated and interoperable health ecosystem is driving incredible digital transformations.

To demonstrate the seamless flow of data through organizations and enabling consumption at various points of interest, well known forms of fluids have been considered:

  • Water fluidity is similar to water flowing through the house, where the fluid is consumed in the same form at various stations/lines of business of an organization without changing its nature.
  • Oil (crude) fluidity is where organizations consume data by refining it into the required form based on their needs, similar to the refining process for crude oil.

Payer organizations have more need for oil fluidity, where data is consumed at various refined forms, to help with member engagement, understanding high-risk claims, network sculpting, contract negotiation, and credentialing etc.

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